Environmental Services

Quicksand Sandblasting provides environmental services to remove potentially harmful coatings and flooring from your home, office or industrial space. We have extensive experience working with major Environmental Service Agencies around the lower mainland and British Columbia to remove potentially harmful products.

Many early coatings were built to last, and part of the composition included harmful additives, such as lead and other chemicals. If these harmful particles in your floor or product are not handled correctly, they can become airborne, potentially infecting or harming people around your building.

At Quicksand, we use our professional equipment and experienced team to remove the coatings in an effective way. Our negative air system and safety equipment will ensure the job is done safely.

We team up with professional and experience environmental engineering firms to help you restore your building to a new finish without the worry or hassle of dealing with the old, potentially harmful coatings.

Call us today to see how our experience, equipment and team can help you remove the unwanted and harmful coatings from your project. Our experience and track record will prove that we’re the team to work with. Call us; you’ll be glad you did.


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Project Examples:

  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Old Coating Removal
  • Asbestos/Toxic Flooring
  • Asbestos/Toxic Glue Removal

Key Features:

  • Work with Environmental Service Agencies
  • Experience and Certification
  • 25 Years of Environmental Removal Experience
  • Negative Air Systems
  • Wet Blast Available
  • Professional & Certified Equipment

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